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AMP is the heartbeat of Access Mindfulness
The ‘Access Mentor Program’ (AMP) is a core program of Access Mindfulness. Aligned to the AM mission, AMP is designed to support and educate future mentors who are interested in facilitating mindfulness orientations in schools and other child centered organizations. 

Participants will learn to facilitate AM orientations, a 90 minute program, and participate in teacher development days within their own organization or for other schools and youth service organizations. Participants/mentors are required to have a personal mindfulness practice. Experiential and didactic, this is an exceptional and exciting opportunity to be a part of a non profit 501c3 growing organization interested in helping youth based organizations appreciate and understand the benefits of mindfulness. 


-    To be have some availability during the day if given enough notice/requested

-    To participate/facilitate  on-site orientations (what is mindfulness).

-    A personal mindfulness/mediation practice for a year or longer

-    Commitment to meet weekly for 3 months

-    Fulfill preparation for continued learning and development 


-    3 months program 

-    2 hour meeting/weekly

-    Monday evenings TBA

-    One all day meeting TBA

-    Meeting at 370 Lexington Ave suite 1000 NY, NY 10017



Learning Objectives for Access Mentor Program

-    Define mindfulness through experiential practice and readings

-    To present “what is mindfulness" orientations with ease and expertise

-    Lead/facilitate groups in activities and mindful practices

-    Continue to deepen your personal practice

-    Build community with peers and be an important part of access mindfulness

-    Network with whole school organizations and youth services organizations

Learning Objectives for the Orientation Participants


-    To be able to define and experience mindfulness 


-    To learn about what impact mindfulness can have on themselves and others


-    To learn different ways to practice 


-    To learn what resources are available and how to access them


-    To Identify the next steps as an individual or as an organization




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