Program Offerings


Orientations - "What is Mindfulness?"

AM is primarily focused on teacher support and personal development. This program is an hour or 90 minute presentation to any school or child centered institution interested in learning about how mindfulness can support teachers and students alike. The presentation is interactive, experiential and didactic. Orientations are free to public schools and/or donation based. Participants learn about the current research and have the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness. Participants learn about the different development paths available to continue to explore mindfulness personally and professionally.

Learning Objectives for the Orientation Participants

-    To be able to define and experience mindfulness

-    To learn about what impact mindfulness can have on themselves and others

-    To learn different ways to practice

-    To learn what resources are available and how to access them

-    To Identify the next steps as an individual or as an organization

Half Day or Full Day Development Session.

Skilled mentors facilitate on-site whole school, half and full day development workshops. These workshops can be tailored for all of or part of the school community. We believe the whole school community will benefit from a culture of mindfulness and encourage para-professionals, lunch room monitors, social workers, school nurse, principals etc to begin with themselves. This workshop is experiential and didactic with a deeper review of the research as well as identifying stressful circumstances specific to the organization. This is not a training and the main focus is adult support. Short in class practices for students will be demonstrated and each participant will have access to the website for ongoing support and additional information such as audio files; stories and activities for students.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (M.B.S.R.)

8 Week MBSR  onsite or offsite
Learn to cultivate life-long tools that will help you maximize your life, even when facing stress, illness and pain. Throughout the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program you will be consciously and systematically working the challenges and demands of your everyday life. Your instructors will create a safe and supportive environment for this work and learning through: Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices, gentle stretching and mindful yoga, group dialogue and discussions aimed at enhancing awareness in everyday life, individually tailored instruction, daily home assignments, downloadable home practice audiofiles (or CDs ) and a home practice workbook.