Parent Programs

PS 90

PS 253

PS 110


CAMBA (PS 3, PS 139, PS 114, PS 361

Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

School life matters - UTF event for Social Workers

Harlem Children Zone - Teen Wellness Day

Teacher Programs

Washington Market School (Montessori preschool) 

Quest to learn 

Ps 101K (Thrive)
Ps 212 (Thrive)
Ps 153 (Thrive)
Ps 326 (Thrive)
Brooklyn Arbor

PS 153

IS 98 - Bay Academy

PS 267 - International School

Avenues: The World School

PS 527

PS 105

Concord Road Elementary School

PS 99


Mentor Program

“Finding Access Mindfulness has been nothing short of a miracle. What I thought was a training in mindfulness, speaking in front of our great leaders in education and meeting a need in the NYC schools has become SO much more. Access Mindfulness is a professional development cohort that is pushing the boundaries, elevating the standards and truly executing on it's mission. Our founding leaders have provided a safe container, infinite wisdom, a well-spring of inspiration and a vision that I couldn't have begun to dream up on my own. I am grateful every day to be a part of this global initiative that isn't a bunch of talk. It's all DO! -- connection, growth and serious transformation on all levels. Thank you Jayne and David!” - Mentor

“I would like to extend my appreciation to you and David for all you’ve done. The mentor training was an invaluable tool that applies directly to my work. I’ve been leading groups in past life regressions, and I feel confident and natural in doing so. The MBSR training deepened my practice and introduced me to new friends. Overall, the community you created gave me strength and a sense of belonging that I desperately needed in one of the darkest periods of my life. For that, I’ll always be grateful.” - Mentor

Teachers and Mental Health Professionals

“The orientation was an excellent introduction to mindfulness, an hour packed with captivating enlightening information." - LMHC

“I think, this training was very important, how to manage the students focus in their education.” - Brooklyn Arbor School